Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit insurance protects business cash flow against losses caused by their customers’ insolvency or default on payment.

Do you know the impact of an unpaid invoice on your turnover?

There are risks involved in providing credit terms to your customers.

Have you thought about what would happen if your customer defaults, enters administration/liquidation or simply closes its doors? These losses could be potentially devastating for your business.

Please feel free to use this simple tool to help you understand the impact of a single unpaid invoice would have on your turnover by clicking here.

Protect and improve your cash flow

Trade Credit Insurance can be used as an effective financial management tool that can:

  • Protect and improve “cash-flow”,
  • Enhance balance sheet and reduce the cost of finance,
  • Increase sales and profitability,
  • Improve and strengthen credit control and management procedures.

Offering goods and services to customers on credit can leave businesses in a vulnerable position if one or more of them don’t pay. Although businesses may be able to manage some of the smaller bad debts that come along the way, large unexpected losses could be potentially devastating for businesses.

Therefore, if you own any type of business or are a subcontractor offering credit terms and rely on customers meeting their payments, then consider arranging Trade Credit Insurance.

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