The Engagement

Logical was invited by a Sydney CBD based restaurant to provide them with a review of their current insurance program.

The reason for invitation was that they had received a poor experience with their existing insurance provider in relation to a claim which wasn’t settled to the restaurateur’s satisfaction.

We met with the restaurateur to undertake a discovery meeting. The restaurant has a relatively high turnover and employs over 60 staff and occupies a prime location with breathtaking views across Sydney Harbour.

How We Helped

Logical conducted a thorough review of the current insurance arrangements. We also reviewed the claim.

We discovered that there were underinsurance issues in relation to the levels of cover within the property and business interruption insurance program. Given the prime location the restaurant enjoyed, which was a drawcard for customers, we discussed the implications should the restaurant suffer a significant fire which necessitated closure for a lengthy period of time.

The restaurateur agreed that this would be a major issue, and so the insurance program was designed and tailored with that in mind.

The Outcome

We developed an insurance program which had the flexibility to offer coverage for an extended period of time in the event of a fire.

We were also able to provide a more relevant insurance program which was easily understood and better managed by our client.

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