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31 March, 2020
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Working From Home

In attempts to continue the movement of goods & to protect staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, many logistics businesses are instructing their staff to work from home where possible. James discusses the cyber security threats which may arise when using mobile devices, laptops & computers remotely.


23 March, 2020
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Business Interruption Insurance
As the spread of COVID-19 continues and governments around the world & Australia are enforcing widespread shutdowns of non-essential businesses in efforts to contain outbreaks, James discusses the implications for those businesses who hold Business Interruption Insurance coverage which carry clauses with respect to “Human Infectious or Contagious Diseases”.


18 March, 2020
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
With the recent announcement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that COVID-19 has been officially declared a pandemic, James discusses the potential impact for logistics operators and offers guidance on possible mitigation strategies.


March, 2020
Telex Releases – 9 things You Need To Know
Telex releases can be fraught with risk if not handled correctly. In this article, James discusses the key risk issues and provides some practical guidance on how to mitigate them.


December, 2019
Things to Consider Before Releasing Imported and Exported Cargo      Tips to assist with mitigating the risks of potentially huge exposures


August, 2019
Key Person Life Insurance                                                                     How Key Person Life Insurance can protect your capital and revenue


July, 2019
How business succession planning can help soften the blow of a personal disaster                                                                                     A how-to guide on Business Succession Planning


April, 2019
If it ain’t robust, you might go bust                                                         We discuss the importance of robust risk management strategies in preventing and managing liability risks in the Autumn 2019 edition of the Across Borders Magazine.


January, 2019
Yantian Express – Fire on Board                                                        Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) insurance advisers at Logical Insurance Brokers have been closely following the plight of Hapag-Lloyd owned Yantian Express, where the 320 metre container..


December, 2018
Logical & FTA Launch New Insurance Services                                        Logical and FTA have partnered with specialist Trade Credit insurer Coface to offer a unique Credit Opinion service and with TravelCard who have transformed the travel insurance claims process to 3 simple steps..


July, 2018
The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) & Chain of Responsibility
Are you caught in the chain and don’t know it? We discuss in the Winter 2018 edition of the Across Borders magazine..


June 5, 2018
Freight Forwarder Considerations
FTA has consulted with insurance adviser, James Cotis, who has offered the following high level commentary/guidance..


June 4, 2018
Cyber criminals and the turmoil caused to logistics businesses
James Cotis, a Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) insurance adviser, compiled the following summary from members who agreed to supply..


April, 2018
How to protect your business in the age of cyber criminals
Cyber crime and related incidents are on the increase. It is a global phenomenon and no organisation appears to be immune..


April 15, 2018
Data Breaches – Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released its first quarterly report into notifiable data breaches..


December, 2017
Making friends with your STCs
In this Summer 2017 edition of the Across Borders magazine we provide guidance on how to effectively manage your Standard Trading..

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