Premium Funding

Premium finance is a cost-effective way to spread your insurance premium expense utilising a pay by the month mechanism.

Let us free up your cash flow to re-invest in your business.

Utilising the insurance policy itself as security, premium finance does not require traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ to secure the funding.

Premium financing generally:

  • Is available for most business insurances;
  • Frees up capital for your business;
  • Matches your insurance policy payments to your cash flow;
  • Provides better cash flow management;
  • Conserves capital to expand your business by taking advantage of potential commercial opportunities;
  • Has no loan service fees;
  • Has no security costs. You do not need to put up any collateral – the insurance policies are the security of the facility;
  • Requires no change to existing credit arrangements;
  • Is cost effective compared to paying premiums in “cash”.

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