Corporate Travel*

Corporate Travel Insurance is designed to protect executives and other employees whilst they are undertaking travel for business purposes.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have paused our travel insurance offerings until domestic and international travel resumes and is back to normal. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Protection for travelling executives and other employees

For Businesses where Directors, senior management & employees engage in travel both within Australia and Overseas, good quality Corporate Travel Insurance is a must. Unfortunately, many travellers are surprised to learn that some travel insurance policies issued by groups like travel agents, on line service providers and credit cards may not be adequate for their needs which means it is vitally important for management to take the time to understand the differences between policies, including how claims are managed by insurers.

We know claims happen whilst people are travelling because over the years we have managed many on behalf of our clients including cancelled flights and travel delays, medical expenses due to illness or injury, loss or stolen luggage, cash, credit cards and theft of travel documents.

We also recognise that typical claims processes with traditional insurance companies can take many weeks to settle even relatively straightforward claims. Given these lengthy delays and poor claims experiences, Logical Insurance Brokers has partnered with TravelCard Travel Insurance to offer Corporate Travel Insurance. TravelCard offer better in class policy, which includes Medical & Hospital Costs, Personal Liability, Hire Car Excess, Missed Transport Connections, Kidnapping, Hijack and Ransom. The policy can be designed to incorporate Private Leisure Travel for Directors and Senior Management positions such as CEOs, CFOs as well as any accompanying Spouses / Partners and Dependent Children.

Thankfully, TravelCard has transformed the travel insurance claims process to a few simple steps (called Real-Time assistance). TravelCard issue travellers with MasterCards at the time they take out a Travel Insurance policy. Travellers take the Mastercard with them on their holiday/trip. Should a claimable event occur, travellers simply contact TravelCard who assess the situation in real time then top up the MasterCard with funds and travellers use the card to pay service providers at the time the expense is incurred. The process usually takes minutes. This revolutionary procedure means travellers avoid situations where they would otherwise find themselves significantly out of pocket for upfront expenses such as purchasing clothing and personal items when luggage goes missing, hospital and medical bills in an emergency or flight cancellations and rebookings to name a few. Real-time assistance also avoids completing mountains of paperwork.

TravelCard also operates a 24/7 helpline which provides assistance to travellers in locating appropriate medical and other support appropriate for the circumstances (even English-speaking Doctors, where necessary).

For example, where travellers arrive at an airport to discover that their luggage has been lost or delayed they can contact TravelCard and provide the relevant details. TravelCard’s Real-Time assistance means travellers will have access to immediate funds to purchase necessary emergency items using the TravelCard MasterCard  by withdrawing cash at any ATM while still in the airport. This takes the stress out of missing/delayed luggage. When an unexpected illness or injury arises, TravelCard’s Real-Time assistance is there to help travellers arrange appropriate medical care and pay medical bills while still travelling.

Please click here to download a Corporate Travel Questionnaire and arrange a quotation.

In another first, TravelCard can offer staff Business Class for Employees Travel Insurance, which accesses corporate style benefits for staff leisure travel. This also includes the real-time claims assistance program. Contact our office here to find out more about this unique benefit you can offer your employees.

For information about Personal Leisure Travel insurance please click here.

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