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Changes to privacy laws, social media and heightened media attention towards breaches have also increased the importance on effective network, data security and privacy systems.

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The participants within the logistics industry have an increasing reliance on networks, cloud technology and computing systems, which is exposing many to new and emerging threats.

Many large businesses with household names, government departments and agencies, and SMEs have all succumbed to recent cyber breaches. The reality is that it’s a matter of time before a business will endure a cyber-attack.   

Think about it…what if your business was exposed to denial of service attacks, hacking of cargo/order tracking software or web based warehouse management systems? A significant data breach such as these can be financially crippling in first and third party costs, whilst having a damaging effect on your brand and reputation. Ranging from business interruption and legal costs, to customer notification expenses and damage to data, the logistics industry can no longer afford to ignore cyber threats.

Logical works closely with those businesses within the logistics industry to help them understand the unique risks they face, and work to develop a tailored risk management program to mitigate exposures and enhance cyber insurance coverage to ensure appropriate protection.


Cyber crime case studies where it can go horribly wrong…

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