Business Class for Employees Travel Insurance for Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) Members & Their Staff (Leisure Travel Only)*

Travel insurance is designed to protect you against unexpected events, like flight delays, lost or stolen luggage and personal effects, and injury or illness during your journeys both domestic and overseas. Depending on the type of policy and its level of protection, you can be covered for several events which can bring your travel plans to a halt.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have paused our travel insurance offerings until domestic and international travel resumes and is back to normal. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Peace of mind Travel Insurance for Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) members & their staff (Leisure Travel Only)

Logical Insurance Brokers and Freight & Trade Alliance has partnered with TravelCard Travel Insurance to offer FTA members and their staff a unique travel insurance offering, Business Class for Employees Travel Insurance for their leisure travel needs. TravelCard are a new innovative travel insurer that puts their customers first.

We have been able to negotiate broader, more niche product for leisure travel insurance for FTA members and their employees, where they now have access to corporate style benefits travel insurance at leisure pricing for their personal travel. The Business Class product is designed for employees leisure travelling needs, including cover for Winter Sports, Adventure Activities, Business Equipment, Golf Cover and Search and Rescue at no additional cost.

Further, TravelCard has revolutionised the Australian Travel Market with their “Real-Time” claims payment solution. Real-Time means while you are still on trip. Zero Dollar Excess. Saves you on Out of Pocket Expenses, Minimal Paperwork and No Delays. Travellers are issued with a TravelCard MasterCard, which can be topped up in minutes, allowing travellers to avoid situations where they would otherwise find themselves significantly out of pocket for up front expenses such as purchasing clothing & personal items when luggage goes missing, hospital bills in an emergency, or flight cancellations to name a just few.

In addition to Real-Time claims payments, the Business Class product has a number of beneficial policy features, which include:

  • No Medical Assessments required for all pre-existing medical conditions (as long as the traveller is not travelling against medical advice or with a terminal condition);
  • No Age Limits (travellers turning 85 and above should be medically cleared to travel);
  • 24/7 Global Assistance Hotline whilst travelling;
  • and children can holiday with their parents at no extra charge.

Want to know more?

Please click here to view the brochure.

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To take advantage of this beneficial arrangement, just click on the Real-Time Travel Insurance link below and follow the instructions provided here.

Please ensure you carefully read the instructions as they will provide you with the code to access the Business Class product.

Insurance Logic Pty Ltd receives commission from TCA Insurance Services Pty Ltd (TCA) for referring customers to TCA. Commission is calculated as a percentage of the overall premium received by TCA on travel insurance policies underwritten as a result of these referrals. By referring you to TCA, Insurance Logic Pty Ltd is not making a recommendation or endorsing the travel insurance products. Terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. 

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